Strongpoint Version 2.6


Strongpoint is excited to announce a series powerful new features and enhancements in our latest product release, Version 2.6, including the following new features:

ERD Generator Learn more

Change Request, Process Issue, Customization UI / UX Learn more 

Strongpoint Redesign Page Learn more

Bug Fixes Learn more

Coming Soon Learn more


Thank you very much to our extremely active, and knowledgeable, user community for their suggestions and guidance, allowing us to create incredible value in this release.



Version 2.6 is now available in your sandbox for pre-release.

Full Release

Note that we will be pushing the Version 2.6 upgrade to your production account during off-peak hours starting September 7.

Managed Customers

If you are a customer with a managed upgrade process, we will contact you directly to schedule the upgrade to your production account, per the process we have defined with you.

If you are not a Managed Customer and would like to know more - reach out!  We’d be happy to work out the details with you.


New Functionality


ERD Generator


Product Area

All product areas




Business Analysts, Change Managers, Implementers, Administrators



The Strongpoint ERD tool has been enhanced to improve the user experience The ERD focus on selected objects has been improved when navigating to and away from the navigated object. The Join lines have been enhanced so that they pinpoint the selected object much more definitively. Objects opened from the ERD now populate in the middle of the page in the user’s viewing area, instead of the top. This will reduce scroll. Users can now exclude or include standard fields when opening the ERD.

ERD Generator, Entity Diagram User Guide



Help Text and Description Updates from Customization


Product Area

Enterprise Compliance


Financial and Master Data Controls


Strongpoint users, Implementers, Administrators



When the Customization record is opened in Strongpoint the user will be able to add help text and description on the customization record this will in turn be reflected the actual record of the customization within Salesforce. Use this feature to add help and descriptions to enhance your user experience.

Customization Field Descriptions




User Experience Improvements

Product Area

All product areas


Core Strongpoint Records


Audit, Finance, Implementers, Administrators


Customization Record: The UI has been updated to Lightning standards and information re-organized to make it easier for the user to find key information and navigate intuitively. Use the Customization Record to find more information about your customization and see what other customizations are related to it.

Change Request: The change request has been updated to lightening styles making it visually pleasing to the user and greatly enhances the user experience by making it cleaner and leaner.

Process Issue: The UI has been improved with color codes indicating the level of compliance and how to proceed. Use this for users who would want to know if a change requires approval or not.

Strongpoint Main Tab: The UI has been improved with cleaner Dashboards, last time the scanner was run, numbers indicating how well documented is your organization, etc. Also it has links to a faster ERD by looking by Customization, links directly to Strongpoint tools as well as a better icons.



Bug Fixes

  • The ERD broken lines in some customizations have been resolved in the classic version and the relationships to other dependencies are much clear.
  • When a customization record is opened from the ERD tool, it now opens in the middle of the page in the viewing area of the user
  • The error in the ERD tool showing “undefined” on some of the customizations has been resolved
  • Inactive customization appearing on the ERD are now resolved.
  • Export Tool (Profiles and Users) - Error when Test - Connection for Complex Profiles
  • Scanner minor fix for Flow Type when reading Standard Fields


Coming Soon

We are busily working on our next release in earnest. Exciting, new functionality is coming to make your lives easier and deliver best in class service! Here is a sneak peak at what you can look forward to hearing about:

  • Automated Clean-up Tool
  • Advanced Segregation of Duties and Access Control
  • Simplifications to Clearing Non-Compliant Changes and Creating Change Requests
  • New Admin Dashboard with Key System Metrics and Reminders at Your Fingertips