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Flashlight™ is NetSuite Documentation for everybody! 

Easy to install, easy to understand, and based on the award-winning Strongpoint Documentation Engine

Document your NetSuite Account automatically, for only $299 per month


Improve your NetSuite Experience:


Reduce Risk

Flashlight™ will document your entire NetSuite account. Answer the question “If I change this, what will break??”  Get full visibility like you have never had before!

Save Time & Money

Save hundreds of hours troubleshooting & managing your system.  Gain instant time & cost savings so you can work on strategic projects since the heavy lifting is done by Flashlight™

Move Faster

Use the Flashlight™  dashboard & ERD to spot problems before they happen & respond to your users more quickly. Now you can make better, faster decisions to drive your business forward. 


Why do YOU need Flashlight?

ERD Flashlight.png

Automatically document your netsuite account 


For only $299 per month

Try it for free in the first 14 days!


At-a-glance dashboard

Flashlight monitors your account to help you spot problems before they happen. 


Easy to install & use

To buy Flashlight™ just visit our Buy Now button and you will be directed to a registration and payment form.  We take Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.  Once you complete the process, you can install the app from SuiteApp.  After you complete your registration and purchase information you will be guided through the SuiteApp Installation process. 

You have 14 days from then to try us out FOR FREE!  You can document your system and try out Flashlight™.  From then, your credit card will be charged $299 (inclusive of taxes) per month!  You can unsubscribe any time - but why would you!    

Have any questions? Check out our handy list of FAQs, contact us or join our User Forum on LinkedIn!  

Once you install Flashlight™ from SuiteApp, all you need to do is run the app and your entire NetSuite Account will be documented in hours. We have some handy how-to videos you can watch to maximize the value you get from Flashlight.