A Clean Account is Safer, Faster and Easier to Manage


Search accumulation is a constant source of inefficiency and potential risk in NetSuite accounts. It is also a productivity killer as users have difficulty locating the correct search and resort to recreating it time and again thereby making the problem worse. Even worse, developers and admins need to consider the impact on these extra searches each time they make a change delaying critical changes to the business. But cleaning them up requires expertise and time - until now!

Strongpoint’s Automated Search Cleanup tool automatically archives unneeded or unused searches, thereby keeping your account organized and easy to manage while improving system performance and user productivity.

Popular clean-up rules:

  1. Unused in more than 13 months

  2. Owned by former employees and not used in 2 months

  3. Default names (like Custom Customer Search 234) unused in 30 days.


Automated Search Archival identifies unused Saved Searches that are safe to archive.  Use our default out of the box rules. New rules can also be defined and tailored to your organization’s specific requirements.

Scheduled or Ad Hoc clean-up rules make clean-up easy to organize and run.

Rigorous Tracking of all clean-up requests, status and retention requests.

Alert search owners and users about searches pending archival, allowing those searches to be retained for future use.