4 Critical Tools for Stress-Free Change Management and Compliance

Over 180,000 companies have moved all or parts of their business to cloud platforms such as NetSuite and Salesforce. If you work for one of them, you have an interesting challenge ahead of you every day.

This conflict between the speed of business and the obligation to manage change carefully causes significant stress for administrators, analysts, developers and executives. If you want to move quickly and be safe or compliant, you need a set of complementary tools to monitor what’s going on in your systems while allowing you to move quickly. 

There are four interconnected tools you need to keep change management and compliance a stress-free process:

  1. Continuous documentation

  2. Automated Risk Management

  3. Change Policies and Monitoring

  4. Access Control and Separation of Duties

In this Whitepaper 4 Critical Tools for Stress-Free Change Management and Compliance we will describe the  general concerns for each of these tools and how Strongpoint can help you deploy them in just a few hours.