Leveraging NetSuite for Enhanced Change Management - June 19

Manual work, organizing and managing scripts, all the necessary customization, and all the documentation that needs to go with all the changes CAN be automated through the use of the Strongpoint Solutions.

Managing Salesforce Technical Debt - June 20

Join us for this webinar, as our CEO will discuss how Strongpoint’s automated administration tools will help your team manage your technical debt.

Strongpoint Open Demo Webinar

Learn more about how Strongpoint is the fastest and safest way to automatically document your systems, manage changes quickly, and achieve compliance. 

#CanIDeleteThat? - Feb 26 or Feb 28

If this question has ever scared you… JOIN US in a hands on targeted demo as we show how Strongpoint offers a safer and easier way and makes this question a piece of cake.

Say goodbye to the bundler with release and rollback for NetSuite - Jan 15, 2019

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Learn more about the new Eclipse plugin provides fast, secure and compliant NetSuite deployments from the Eclipse IDE. There is no need to log in to NetSuite!

Automated Search Cleanup Webinar

Strongpoint’s newly released Automated Search Cleanup tool automatically archives unused searches to help keep your system clean and organized while improving system performance and user productivity.

Strongpoint for NetSuite Webinar Series

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Announcing our continuing series of webinars designed to help you get more value from Strongpoint and access the latest tools. These webinars are ideal for IT and Finance management and compliance.  Learn the fundamentals, how-to's, new features and best practices.  

Strongpoint Open Demo for Salesforce

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Strongpoint automation will simplify your Salesforce DevOps, increase your responsiveness to the business and simultaneously reduce your workload for audit prep and compliance.  

NetSuite System Security Tools for GDPR

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GDPR is more than permission to contact.  Data Security and Process Monitoring are at the heart of the new regulations. Join Strongpoint CEO Mark Walker to discuss the risk and learn more about the new pack of GDPR tools designed to simplify GDPR data security compliance in NetSuite for Managing Excel Exports and Integrations, Access Review and Blocking, Privacy Screening of Customizations, Need to Know Data Access.

Simplifying NetSuite DevOps and Compliance with Strongpoint

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Strongpoint automation will simplify your NetSuite DevOps, increase your responsiveness to the business and simultaneously reduce your workload for audit prep and compliance.  

Leveraging NetSuite for enhanced compliance and change management

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Nortek Security and Controls discusses rapid ROI from closed loop change management with FLODocs. Amy Carlson from Nortek gives an overview of their FLODocs Change Management process in NetSuite and describes the ROI they achieved. "For our risk our risk was ineffective ITGC,  that directly meant addition costs to us ... to our auditors they would have to come in...

Installation and Overview – Customer Training Webinar – Clean up and Change Management

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Clean-up and change management training series - aimed at consultants who are installing FLODocs in existing accounts to facilitate documentation, clean-up and change management projects. Session begins with a FLODocs overview, reviewing the scope of FLODocs and the relevance of each object to existing accounts. Following this, the session covers the process of installing FLODocs and the key steps in installing FLODocs in sandbox and production environments.

NetSuite Optimization: Are your scripts slowing your NetSuite account down?

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Find out best practices from the FLODocs development team on identifying key problems with script execution in your account. Find out how often each scripts executes , who is executing them , how long they take to execute , identify old scripts that are not needed, capture and manage hidden errors and learn how FLODocs works together with NetSuites APM (Advanced Performance Manager).

NetSuite Optimization: Clean Up

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This webinar shows you how FLODocs can help systematically clean up and organize your account. Beginning with an overview of the FLODocs account clean up, the webinar goes on to deatil clean up policies, clean up processes and clean considerations and benefits for different objects..

How to install FLODocs for NetSuite

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This webinar details how to install FLODocs and run your initial system scan.  You will learn the key techniques for managing change successfully in NetSuite when you have  rapidly changing environment policies. 

SOX Compliance at the speed of NetSuite

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FLODocs, the leading automated documentation system for NetSuite, provides the systematic change management, tracking, reporting and control capabilities required to enable alignment to regulatory requirements. FLODocs documentation and analytical tools are completely unified with NetSuite to support compliance in multiple levels.