THE QUESTION: "How to enable agility while maintaining compliance?"

Today, for many organizations using, expensive professional development resources are being constrained by change management and documentation tasks which could be handled more cost effectively by Citizen Developers or SFDC Admins.


Working with the most agile CRM platform on the planet;, Strongpoint is developing the strategies, required automation and platform native tooling to address the backlog of change request by enabling the Citizen Developer and/or the SFDC Admin to engage earlier with more impact. This approach frees the "professional developer" to allocate more of his time to the complex changes that require the processes associated with the full development life cycle.

In this 45 minute Webinar, you'll be exposed to these strategies and Strongpoint's new suite tools that are allowing a growing number of organizations to:

  • Deliver continuous and compliant change within the SFDC environment without rigorous review

  • Enable Citizen Developers and SFDC Admins to own more of the Change Management Process

  • Reduce the need for traditional Dev/Ops resources to allocate time to mundane and low impact changes

Please contact us if you would like an in-depth demo or sign up for the webinar!