Stress-Free NetSuite: The Path to Admin Enlightenment


Flashlight for Clarity

Flashlight is your light in the dark — turn it on and illuminate the connections between customizations, saved searches and fields. When you can see how objects are related, you know what’s important to your system — and what can be safely changed or deleted.

Documentation and Optimization for Perspective

Documentation and Optimization gives you the perspective to see risk in context. With it, you can determine the complexity of a change and escalate it with the appropriate process — helping you make informed, practical choices that save time while maintaining compliance.

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As a NetSuite admin, you have to balance two competing priorities — ensuring a fast and reliable experience for your users, while maintaining security and compliance for your auditors.

Nothing threatens that balance more than technical debt. Tech debt makes it harder to make effective, informed changes, increasing the time and expense of being responsive to stakeholders, and the risk of SoD and other violations.

Strongpoint’s four product tiers are a comprehensive solution to tech debt. Each represents a step on the path to admin enlightenment — the further you go along the path, the closer you get to achieving a state of perfect balance.

Intelligent Change Management for Simplicity

Intelligent Change Management helps you let go of unnecessary processes. Strongpoint assesses each request against your policies — automatically determining the required change processes, allowing you to clear low-risk changes and focus your expertise on more complex cases.

Enterprise Compliance for Strength

Enterprise Compliance cultivates your organization’s inner strength — the policies, processes and controls you use to stay compliant, secure and streamlined. With industry-leading audit preparation tools and Strongpoint’s SoD and Financial Controls module, you’re building a more effective organization from the foundation up.

What Does Enlightenment Look Like?

  • 90% reduction in audit prep work

  • Making changes with complete confidence

  • Faster, more reliable NetSuite

  • Significant cost and time savings

Learn more about reducing tech debt in NetSuite — and finding balance — by contacting Strongpoint today.