Announcing Strongpoint Version 5.6!

Strongpoint is excited to announce some powerful new features and enhancements in our latest product release, Version 5.6. Thanks to our active and knowledgeable user community for their suggestions and guidance. To book a session to implement any new capabilities, please contact your account manager or email us at


Version 5.6 is now available in your sandbox for pre-release. Since we cannot push updates to your sandboxes, please update the Strongpoint bundle in your sandboxes to ensure you are using the latest version in all accounts.

Full Release

Starting January 11, we will be pushing the 5.6 upgrade to your production account during off-peak hours.


Managed Customers

If you are a customer with a managed upgrade process, we will contact you to schedule the upgrade to your production account, per the process defined with you.

If you are not a Managed Customer and would like to know more - reach out!  We’d be happy to work out the details with you.

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Coming Soon…

We are actively working on our next release. Exciting, new functionality is on the way to deliver best in class service! Here is a sneak peak at what you can look expect:

• ServiceNow Integration into Marketplace
• Ipass Integration
• Master Data Control

Menu Simplification

Product Area: All
Feature: Menus
Audience: All
Menu Settings, Menus by license type

The ongoing Menu Simplification initiative is streamlining the Strongpoint menus to make navigation easier and more efficient:

  1. New interface enables you to hide menus and options your organization doesn’t use.

  2. Removed obsolete options.

  3. Moved some items to group them where they are commonly used.

  4. Change Management is split into Change Management Tools and Change Management Reports.

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Jira Integration

Product Area: Change Management
Feature: Jira Integration
Audience: Administrators
New Jira enhancements

Two new functions were added to the Jira Integration to assist you in creating customizations:

  • Impact Analysis enables you to preview the effects of adding your customizations.

  • View ERD tool enables you to graphically view the records and relationships for your customizations.

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Change Management Simplification

Product Area: Change Management
Feature: Change Requests
Audience:  Administrators
Policy Change Approval, ITGC Change Request

A new, simplified Policy Change Approval form has been added to streamline the policy process:

  • Status bar shows the progress of the policy approval.

  • Request Approval link is included in the Record Save Blocked message, enabling users to immediately request approval.

  • Available on Strongpoint > Change Management Tools > Policy Change Approval (Beta)

Enhancements to the Lookup Customization feature improve usability:

  • Select All/Deselect All to the lookup customization results.

  • User Not Determined option added to Modified By for logs without system notes, where the user cannot be identified. User Not Determined can be used with the From and To filters to search on the log creation date instead of the actual change date.

  • Token-based authentication is enabled for the Change Account feature for accounts using two-factor authentication.

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Increased Change Control Level of Granularity in Policies

Product Area: Change Management
Feature: Change Requests
Audience:  Administrators
Change/Approval Policies

This feature replaces the previous Policy Change Controls category Other Changes with fifteen new, specific Change Controls providing you increased visibility into the changes happening in your system. Here is a list of the Policy Change Controls (control indicates new):


Standard Fields

Product Area: Document and Optimize
Feature: Standard Field Documentation Improvements
Audience:  Administrators
Spiders, Installation Settings, and ERD View

Added options and filtering to improve usability and user workflow:

New Include All Standard Fields option on the Spider menu page:

  • Check Include All Standard Fields (default is off) to create customization records for all standard fields of supported standard record types.

  • Checking this option also updates the Include All Standard Fields option on the Installation Settings View.

Filter Improvements for ERD View:

  • Added filters to ERD View so users can filter results without going back to the ERD Entry page.

  • Added Hide Unused Fields filter to hide unused fields from the results, based on the DLU.

Renamed the filter Hide all fields without relationships to Hide all fields without custom relationships.

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