Strongpoint Version 2.5


Strongpoint is excited to announce a series powerful new features and enhancements in our latest product release, Version 2.5, including the following new features:  

Protect Your Data using Agent with Blocking Controls. Learn more

Compare Data Between Orgs using Environment Compare Report Data. Learn more

Export Profiles and Users as XLS.  Learn more


Thank you very much to our extremely active, and knowledgeable, user community for their suggestions and guidance, allowing us to create incredible value in this release.



Version 2.5 is now available in your sandbox for pre-release. 

Full Release

Note that we will be pushing the 2.5 upgrade to your production account during off-peak hours starting May 25th, 2018.

Managed Customers

If you are a customer with a managed upgrade process, we will contact you directly to schedule the upgrade to your production account, per the process we have defined with you.

If you are not a Managed Customer and would like to know more - reach out!  We’d be happy to work out the details with you.


New Functionality


Agent with Blocking Controls [Beta]


Product Area

Enterprise Compliance


Financial and Master Data Controls


Audit, Finance, Implementers, Administrators



Strongpoint includes tools for rapidly building or using predefined Financial and Transactional Controls that monitor your account and log unauthorized high risk changes to the data in your records or transactions.

Strongpoint Agent Blocking Controls gives you complete control over transactions and master data.  Now you can simply and easily block users from creating or modifying system records that are in violation of these controls, and create an alert and a log of an attempted violation.  Finance Teams and IT Admins will benefit from this functionality as they can easily adapt blocking to their specific controls and ensure configuration and master data are compliant with their set policies. Auditors are now assured that unauthorized high risk changes are blocked automatically, and no longer require post-incident fixes. Additionally, Auditors no longer have to manually track change logs to determine if any blocked incidents occurred since they are logged automatically.


A company wants to have tight control over customers’ credit limits. The Finance Team decides to put a threshold on credit approval limits to up to $100,000, that cannot be increased without specific prior approval. This requirement is easily solved with Strongpoint’s new blocking controls by:

1) Creating a search as a control that ensures customers accounts cannot have more than a $100,000 credit limit.

5.2 1.png

2) Set the control to blocking


3) Strongpoint automatically blocks the creation or editing of a customer account in Salesforce with an Credit Limit greater than $100,000



Compare Data Between Environments


Product Area

Intelligent Change Management


Environment Compare


Administrators, Developers



Strongpoint’s Environment Compare tool quickly and accurately identifies differences between the data in any two system accounts. This helps you with refreshing Sandbox environments, migrating configuration data between developer and sandbox accounts, troubleshooting and deploying changes to Production.

You can now use this tool to easily compare account data between any two accounts. This is particularly useful for developers when they are troubleshooting a process that only generates an error in a particular account. This tool helps developers understand what data is causing the error. IT Admins can also use this tool to compare account preferences between accounts to ensure that their accounts are properly configured across all environments and to determine any data that needs to be migrated from one account to another.

Example: Migrating Changes Between Environments

Developers will often make account changes that depend on a critical data set. When migrating these new changes between your different sandbox and QA environments, it is not uncommon for some data to be omitted during the migration process. Developers can now use Strongpoint’s Environment Compare tool to validate that both environments have the same data, and if data is missing then they can easily identify the missing data and migrate it over.



Export Profiles and Users

Product Area

Automated Documentation


Export Objects as XLS


IT Administrators


We have a new tool that enables Admins to export a list of user permission sets into Excel. This makes it very easy to understand all of your user permissions in a single view and to share this documentation with other members of your organization. This tool is accessed by navigating to Strongpoint > Tools > Export Objects.


One of our customers needed to an ability to download user profile information including permissions such employees who can modify scripts. Admins can access this information in Salesforce, however they must navigate through various screens which makes it time-confusing and difficult to review. With this new tool, Admins get all the user profile and permission information in one view, making it very easy to review.




  • We now have pre-created reports that give you visibility into your deployment, rollback, and environment comparison logs. These reports are available from the Strongpoint Tab > Reports menu
  • You can now quickly add Customizations to a Change Policy directly from the Policy record. Simply navigate to the Customization Related List on a policy record to begin adding customizations.
  • We are now automatically re-creating the Default Change Policy with Log Levels when your Sandbox environments are refreshed.
  • You can now manage your account credentials from a centralized location, making it very easy to modify your credentials between organizations.  


Coming Soon

We are busily working on our next release in earnest. Exciting, new functionality is coming to make your lives easier and deliver best in class service! Here is a sneak peak at what you can look forward to hearing about:

  • Advanced Segregation of Duties and Access Control
  • Simplifications to Clearing Non-Compliant Changes and Creating Change Requests
  • New Admin Dashboard with Key System Metrics and Reminders at Your Fingertips
  • Automated Search Clean-up Tool