Is your Master Data at risk?

Changes to master data such as item and entity records can wreak havoc on your processes and financial statements.  Are you protected?

Many companies overlook the risk posed by unwise or unexpected changes to their master data.  Small changes can radically change your financials, the promises you make to your customers, your pricing and many other aspects of Salesforce or apps.  Master data changes are increasingly a focus of privacy and IT audits.

Strongpoint has key tools to protect these critical records:

  • Automated risk analysis of scripted changing
  • Automated monitoring of master data changes
  • Blocking of unauthorized changes (without custom workflows)
  • Advanced Segregation of Duties capabilities.
  • Advanced Financial Controls
  • Compare data between production and sandbox accounts for troubleshooting and testing

Master data controls are increasingly important to many compliance regimes including:

  • ASC606 - particularly if you are running CPQ
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)
  • GDPR
  • 21 CFR 11 and other FDA regulations

Protect your account and be constantly ready for audit!

An indispensable tool for admins!
— Tom Heideman, Director of it at MasterGraphics

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