Manage Your Salesforce Scripts with Strongpoint

Are you sure that every script in your account is operating flawlessly and delivering value?

If you don't tightly manage them, Salesforce scripts that were designed to help improve efficiency can end up being a productivity drain.  But how do you tell which ones you need to look at?

Strongpoint automatically scans all your Salesforce scripts and documents the dependencies on fields,  records, forms and even other scripts.  We also monitor api calls, script errors and execution data.  Once we have done this, you can identify great opportunities to clean up and optimize your scripts such as:

  • Scripts executing against fields you don't use anymore
  • Scripts that are executing many times too often per day
  • Scripts that are throwing errors that your team may be missing
  • Scripts which depart from best practices (bad api calls, unsafe api calls)

Move quickly and safely optimize your Salesforce account

An indispensable tool for admins!
— Tom Heideman, Director of it at MasterGraphics