Why Partner with Strongpoint?

Increase the Value of Your Expertise

Reason #1. Salesforce's Systems Integrators (SI's) are Driven Crazy by Requests for Small Changes (which should be made by the client themselves)...

Enabling your customers to make unsophisticated changes in their Salesforce Org without your direct involvement (yet within your oversight) significantly increases your credibility. It also liberates your organization from monotony. When Salesforce clients are entrusted to make their own customizations and routine changes it builds trust in the relationship while simultaneously providing the necessary time that your resources require to focus on more high level tasks as well as their professional development. This has a direct impact on the value of your organization's expertise.

Reason #2. Systems Integrators often get blamed for things they didn't break

It happens everyday, a client accuses an SI of breaking something in Salesforce that the SI never touched or over which they never even had purview. It may have been the result of a bad decision from a previous partner or employee, a rouge change or simple oversight, but without excellent technical documentation, all there is to sort out the issue is finger pointing. More importantly, the "customer is always right" so it is really a no win situation for the SI. As a Stronpoint partner, this is never an issue since the system makes Salesforce "self-aware" with continuous and automated technical documentation and not only is every change recorded, it is also assessed for risk and automatically documented for dependencies. As such, the data is available to quickly understand and address the issue instead of playing the blame game.


“Through the use of Strongpoint, we can provide a high level of security to our projects, while reducing the time for system cutovers from multi-sandbox environments.”

Sheldon Watson, RSM US

“Our first Strongpoint experience was with a long-standing client. They saw a couple FLODocs demos and implemented it in early 2016. They are very happy with the process monitoring and change management.”

Aaron Clark, Eide Bailly

“Strongpoint helps me adapt to the changing needs of our company without needing to always call an outside consultant.”

Mark Skorpil, OneSource IML


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