Prove Your Org is in Order with Strongpoint!


enterprise governance for salesforce

IT governance and controls that are fast and powerful – automating SOX and FDA compliance inside of your Salesforce Org.


Without sacrificing speed, agility or security, Strongpoint automates all the key controls and release processes needed to Prove your Org is in Order and meet all of your audit and compliance requirements.


Safe, Compliant, and Well-Administered

Release Management

See where a change is within its lifecycle, manage the current and future release, and track upcoming deployments. Ensure compliance by identifying where overlap exists between release duties, while reducing the risk of fraud or system errors.

Role and Access Management

Strongpoint automatically reports on permission changes in NetSuite and Salesforce, and validates them against change records. But security and segregation of duties are not just about permissions.  Automatic alerts ensure that changes to restricted forms, layouts, and views are protected to help ensure that users do not obtain unauthorized access to data or functionality.

Automatic Change Verification

Strongpoint provides tools to define changes, perform impact analysis, and route changes for the appropriate approvals. As the changes are deployed, the Strongpoint Environment Management Module compares Sandbox and Production environments to document that the solution was correctly deployed.

We needed to demonstrate we had effective IT General Controls. Without Strongpoint our auditors would likely have had to spend 3x as many hours manually going over those controls. That’s a real cost we’d have had to expend year after year.
— Amy Carlson, Director of Business Systems at Nortek

Test and Verify with Ease

Centralized Test Template Repository

It's easy to manage your tests and demonstrate which tests were completed. With Strongpoint, test scripts and results stay in a centralized repository within Salesforce Org. This makes it easy to validate changes, since tests are linked to each change request. You get end-to-end reporting for your entire software development lifecycle.

Pre- and Post-Deployment Environment Comparisons

It's stress-free to deploy changes when you don't have to worry about overwriting new code or deleting something needed on production. Strongpoint quickly and accurately identifies differences between any two system accounts. This helps with:

  • Refreshing your Sandbox environments

  • Migrating customizations between developer and sandbox accounts

  • User Acceptance Testing or Performance Testing Environment Validation

  • Deploying changes to Production

Environment comparisons for Salesforce

Proof of Compliance is Automatic

IT Controls Dashboards

An audit is a terrible time to find out you have a problem. Strongpoint dashboards give you unprecedented access to detailed information about your changes, the state of your system, and your readiness for audit.

Automated Compliance Reporting

Strongpoint automatically tracks whether changes are compliant or non-compliant. Since all data is linked to the changes request, it's easy for you to provide documentation to your auditors for every change made in Salesforce.

Manage Organizational Risk

Eliminate the risk to negatively impact high-value system users. Strongpoint flags key people or departments at high risk, automatically identifying objects and implementing tighter change controls, warnings, and alerts for changes that will impact your organization.

Integration Mapping

You'll reduce the risk of breaking third-party integrations with Strongpoint. You'll be able to systematically see integration interdependencies with external systems. Then change and approval policy monitors reduce the risk of impacting third-party integrations with Salesforce.


Seeing is Believing

Strongpoint is easy to install. You can have complete documentation of your system in just a few hours or a few days for our very largest customers.  

Every Strongpoint license includes a 30-day evaluation period because the only demo that matters is in your system with your data.