Move faster and safer than ever before with Strongpoint SoD & Agent Controls

The most complete Segregation of Duties solution ever


 Unfortunately, working with cloud-based enterprise systems like Netsuite or Salesforce, creates Segregation of Duties violations as employees are granted combinations of roles and permissions that create risk for the business.

This often leads to painful manual processes that are ineffective and slow or the use of incomplete solutions provide retrospective insight into your system.

Strongpoint SoD and Agent Controls eliminate risk to your critical financial systems with realtime information and blocking process for potential SoD violations


Strongpoint SoD sits right inside your NetSuite

Get up an running quickly

  • Get started fast with more than 40 SoD rules
  • Immediately document all role and permissions assignments



  • Add new or customize existing rules to meet your most specific requirements

  • Configurable messages and alerts for when violations occur

Make life easy

  • Easily pick between Detective or Blocking Controls based on the level of risk.
  • Protect your master and transactional data with automated controls
  • You can tighten or loosen your policies along with our guidance to suit your needs

Move faster than ever before!

  • Move quickly with intelligent approval routing and pre-approval
  • Always have access to intuitive change logs and reporting

Strongpoint SoD & Agent Controls        gives you maximum security 

Maximum Security.png

Why Strongpoint SoD?

The Power of Agent 2 - Convert Saved Searches into powerful Controls.png

The power of the agent

To fill in the gaps and monitor activities of “super users” and those with positional authority.

Compatibility - Built right into NetSuite-1.png


Built right into NetSuite so training end users is easier if they know NetSuite platform.

Blocking SoD Functionality.png

block access

Block users from accessing critical areas.

Reporting - Totally customizable reports.png

reporting - 

Saved searches that can be customized and scheduled based on requirements.

Strongpoint makes it easy with complete separation of duties and access controls, automated compliance and audit reporting, logging violations, and even blocking access to critical permissions.

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