Automated Release and Rollback - now in Beta

Automatically move objects between accounts quickly, simply and safely without the bundler

Strongpoint is the leader in automating documentation, risk and impact analysis and IT compliance. But until now, we didn’t actually move the objects between sandbox and production accounts. Automated Release and Rollback changes everything! Synch customizations between accounts in seconds without sacrificing safety - without the bundler!

Strongpoint Release and Rollback puts and end to the complications caused by the bundler:

  • Move just the objects that you specify - with no unexpected extra objects

  • Move objects in seconds - 26x faster than the conventional approach

  • Validate that the objects moved successfully instantly

  • Check dependencies in different environments from within NetSuite or Eclipse

  • Block unapproved changes

  • Automatic dependency warnings ensure you don’t forget a critical object

Strongpoint is now fully integrated with the NetSuite SDF framework to ensure that all changes are migrated safely and correctly. You can convert change requests to projects and projects to deployment records at the click of a button.

Prevent unapproved changes by restricting production access to by non-admins. Developers and consultants are blocked from releasing changes to production without prior explicit approval in Strongpoint. The deployment engine pre-checks every object to ensure that:

  1. It was approved to be changed

  2. All of its dependencies are included in the project

  3. None of the changes will overwrite a more recent change in production


Easy to Use Strongpoint automatically creates and validates the projects to allow Admins and Functional Consultants to move objects quickly and easily

Fully Integrated With SDF Programmers using the NS SDF can create new projects in seconds in any environment

Full Development Lifecycle Work in multiple environments, merge code and manage complexity without giving up safety. Non-admins require approval to deploy.

Integrated Approvals Integrated deployment approval requests ensure your team moves quickly without giving up safety. If a change has not been approved the deployment will be rejected. Approval can be requested in seconds.

Extended Object Support Strongpoint supports saved searches and many other projects not supported directly via SDF. Our two-stage approach ensures any manual changes are completed correctly and verified in seconds..

Automated Rollback Rollback to any previously deployment set. Strongpoint automatically warns of potential conflicts to ensure you don’t accidentally disrupt subsequently built processes.