Automatic documentations for Salesforce and NetSuite

Documentation & Optimization

Every change in NetSuite and Salesforce is rapidly & efficiently documented, logged, and ready for audit.


Install Strongpoint on Salesforce or NetSuite and it automatically scans your system for all changes. Documentation is created instantly, automatically, and linked across all of your customizations.


The best documentation that any system has had. Ever.

Documentation as Data

Instead of scattered, outdated Word Documents that don't talk to each other, Strongpoint documentation lives inside your systems. All of your objects, object relationships, and process documentation, everything lives in one place – as data. This means it's easy to apply rules, verify changes, and drill-down into various connections.

Continuous System Documentation

Every time a change is made to your system, Strongpoint creates a log of what happened, including which object was changed, when it was last used, and more.

Instead of documentation that says what the system is supposed to be, you'll have documentation of what the system actually is. Right now.


Continuous System Scanning

Your documentation is complete and up-to-date. Strongpoint uses a spider that automatically scans every part of your system: custom objects, scripts, workflows, saved searches, reports. Everything.

You'll never miss a thing.


Without Strongpoint it would have taken a lot more time to figure out what could safely be deleted and we would have taken a huge risk in breaking an active customization within the system.
— Jennifer Trejo, Netsuite Administrator at Feeney


Move quickly and safely

Identify Interdependencies Between Customizations

Strongpoint automatically shows you how objects are related to different parts of your system, letting you know how changing an object, query, or other system component could impact a seemingly unrelated part of your system. By knowing this in advance, you can safely make changes while mitigating impact on the rest of your system.

Customization Impact Reporting

Make everyone an expert with the ability to rapidly identify dependencies between objects – visually or through simple searches and reports. Bottlenecks and tribal knowledge become a thing of the past. Anyone in your company can make better, faster, more confident decisions.

NetSuite Customization Impact Reporting

Clean and optimize your systems

Unused Object Detection

End-to-end documentation of custom objects helps you identify unused fields, searches, and other custom objects. You can quickly identify dependencies to reduce the risk of breaking things in the account – like if a search is being used in a script or workflow.

Clean Up Status Tracking

Systems like NetSuite and Salesforce gather clutter over time as customizations come and go. Strongpoint instantly shows you which objects are unused and unrelated to other parts of your system, so you can safely delete them.

Script Optimization

Critical Script Analysis enables you to determine how healthy your scripts are and what areas you can fix to improve your account. Identify high priority scripts based on usage, which people and departments are utilizing scripts, and assess script execution time.

Advanced Script Error Clearance

Stay on top of errors and the risk they represent. Advanced pattern recognition identifies errors that have not been reviewed and flags them for management. Not all errors represent actual problems. Once reviewed, they can be cleared automatically in the future so that you can focus on the errors that matter.



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