Pricing that scales with your needs — ROI your CFO will write home about.


Our CFO would be the first to raise his hand that Strongpoint is the best investment made to improve our systems over the last 12 months.
— Brian Keare, Group VP of IT at Nortek

Automated Documentation

You’re a small team. You need great documentation and the best clean-up and optimization tools in the world.


Intelligent Change Management

You’re a growing company that’s not yet public. You need to move quickly and safely to drive growth.


Enterprise Compliance

You’re a public company or operate in a regulated industry. You need to demonstrate the highest compliance adherence standards.


Over 180 customers and counting

“I was able to create a saved search of the Strongpoint customization which allowed me to quickly search all formulas used in saved searches.”

Richard Cockrell, Hawk Ridge Systems

“Having something like Strongpoint in your wheelhouse frees you up to focus on the important strategic things that help us grow as a company.”

Brian Keare, Nortek Security and Control

“Strongpoint helped our team keep track of all the changes that were happening in our system and understand the impacts of those changes.”

Scott Marshall, Imprivata



Change is good

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