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Deliver more with the same team

Strongpoint is easy to use - which allows your team of experts to focus on project delivery, and not on tedious tasks, like system documentation or searching system notes. Anyone on your team can instantly answer the question “If I change this, what will break?” because Strongpoint always knows how workflows in NetSuite or Salesforce are tied together.

Full System Documentation: By using Strongpoint, your team can easily access all system documentation, and the information can be exported to provide an "as built" record of your client's system. 

Instant Data on Change Impacts:  Strongpoint automatically shows you how objects are related to different parts of your client's system, letting you know how changing an object, script, or anything else could impact a seemingly unrelated part of the system. By knowing this in advance, you can safely make changes while mitigating impact on the rest of your customer's system.


Delight your customers

Your customers have high expectations of you.  You need to be an expert on their account, fast.  You need to get your work completed efficiently, and without any unexpected surprises.  By creating full system documentation on every one of your projects, you can over-deliver on those expectations. You will know the risks of every change, and will avoid any hidden legacy “gotchas” partway through your projects.

With Strongpoint, you can compare Sandbox and Production environments with ease and know that what you have tested is what you have deployed.  How better to delight your clients than a seamless implementation!


Enable new & more profitable consulting streams

Strongpoint automatically generates for you extensive actionable information about your client's account.  This information will require skilled consulting services to get to completion. That's where you can deliver your billable services to the client. 

Strongpoint's Advanced Segregation of Duties capability is another area where you can create an incremental consulting engagement. Work with your client to deploy Strongpoint's out of the box rules or use our platform to build custom roles to suit your client's business processes. 

 Quarterly Health Checks or Clean Up  initiatives can help you to create an ongoing touch point to your customer base. You can easily answer critical questions like:

  • What has not been used for months?  And so: What can be safely removed from a system?
  • Which Sandbox  has the most recent system version?
  • Which scripts are running the most often?

Strongpoint can help you provide answers to your client for all of these questions, plus, many more. 


PLUS Use a First Class Managed Services Toolset

At times you have clients for whom you manage their NetSuite or Salesforce deployments on an on-going basis.  Providing timely and efficient support is your goal. Our Managed Services Licence is available for deployment at these clients, often smaller organizations, for your team to use as you need it. With a price that is scalable to the size of your customer, and the ability to enable Strongpoint month-to-month, your team will have access to world class troubleshooting tools and up to date documentation for each of your end clients. 


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We work with you to create an approach and success plan for any Public, Pre-IPO, Enterprise or otherwise regulated customer. When they see and recognize the value of Strongpoint, it’s a three way win for you, them and us.  If your customer is facing regulatory challenges like SOX, and ASC 606- we can help you as you work with their auditing team to quickly implement IT General Controls, Financial Controls, and to monitor or block risky activities. 

What do you get:  By Partnering with Strongpoint, you receive not only a multiple year commission schedule, but you will deliver all of the billable services associated with implementation, any ongoing Change Management, and Enterprise Compliance consulting. Our Customer Success team works together with you, supporting your team and your methodology.


We believe that your customers, and any companies running their business with NetSuite or Salesforce, will benefit from Strongpoint


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