Compare codes in your scripts between 2 different environments with Strongpoint 

Here is a short video of an overview about Environment Comparison.

If you have our Intelligent Change Management or Enterprise Compliance package, you have access to this great feature!

Strongpoint’s Environment Comparison tool automatically scans two environments for differences. So, you can test how a NetSuite release will affect your existing customizations, double check that Suite Bundler moved your data 100% successfully, and more with the click of a button. No more visually scanning two screens looking for differences in lines of code.

Input the information for source and target

compare account

Input what objects you would like to compare (Source account and target account)

This can be done via Change Requests or as a standalone run


Select object type comparison scenario (Is it a diff view? or target newer than source?)

image (1).png

Two different comparison types:

1.     Target Newer than Source – Pulls customizations that have change logs created after the Change After Date. Results includes only records with changes that are more recent in the Target account compared to its version from the source. Provides the option to run a Diff for its results

2.     Full Diff (Differential) – Compares the Strongpoint Customization records and results are based on the entire account, regardless of date.


Run the tool and view results to make necessary changes to your custom objects

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 3.33.40 PM.png

1. “Source” - lists of all the selected objects that are existing in the source account

2. “Target” - lists all the selected objects that are existing in the target

3. “Diff” - the comparison of the same objects between the source and target environments and what needs to be changed to make the object same in both environments

Red: source, Green: target

Red: source, Green: target

Depending on which account you would like to update, you can automatically see the differences to either update the object in source or target or both as per your requirements. With this information, you are able to export the results (.csv), share this information with developers and make necessary changes without breaking anything.

Feel free to reach out to your Account Manager for more details on how to take advantage of this great feature!