How to troubleshoot a workflow quickly and effectively

Troubleshooting a workflow can be difficult and time consuming. Flashlight keeps track of all the changes made to NetSuite so you know where to look for a solution first.


What normally makes a workflow break?

  1. Someone modified the workflow

  2. Someone modified something connected to the workflow

  3. Someone deleted something connected to the workflow

The Flashlight dashboard will remind you to look at a saved search of everything that has been deleted or modified. Filter the results to reveal if your workflow was deleted/modified or any objects connected to your workflow were deleted/modified.

Search results capture.PNG

After Identifying Where the Problem Began…

You can go ahead and try to return the deleted/modified objects to their previous values. To see exactly what the previous value was, contact us (below) and mention troubleshooting in your message.

If you didn’t find a deleted/modified object connected to the workflow and the workflow itself was not modified, you’ve just eliminated 95% of the most likely causes! Your problem is likely related to user roles and permissions.