How to Spot Potential Problems Before They Happen

It’s never a good idea to sit back and wait for your users to tell you something in NetSuite has broken. The Flashlight Dashboard will alert you to potential problems with Reminders

Dashboard Screen Cap.png

Urgent Reminders:

  1. Deleted Customizations and Deleted Records: If anyone else has permission to delete, you’ll want to be sure that power isn’t being abused.

  2. Script Errors: These typically alert you to important business processes that have malfunctioned.

  3. Undelivered Email Errors: This usually occurs because of a bounce when someone who is a process owner leaves the company and you need to assign a new owner.

Other Critical Reminders

  1. Critical Role and Permission Changes are usually perfectly justified, but it’s important to know anytime a user gets access to System Admin or key financial roles.

  2. Customizations with Missing Help and Missing Descriptions are important to fill in so you’ll spend less time explaining NetSuite features to users. This is especially helpful when many new employees are joining you.