How to cleanup with Flashlight

Cleanup is vital to keep NetSuite free from clutter, moving quickly, and ensure you don’t run out of storage space.

Cleaning up safely is just as vital.


Flashlight will help you find cleanup opportunities

Flashlight comes with several pre-built reports to help you keep your org in tip-top condition. The most important for cleanup purposes will show all customizations owned by someone no longer with your company. It will also show whether those customizations are connected to anything else that would break if you removed them.

Strongpoint also offers automated search cleanup. Contact us below to find out more.

If you already have a list of objects you think ought to be cleaned up, Flashlight can help you verify if they would be safe to delete

Use Flashlight’s Customization Impact Analysis to instantly know if the object in scope is connected to anything else that would be affected by its removal. All documentation and impact analysis is exportable in case you need to take it into a meeting or retain it for future reference.