To be successful in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, every organization MUST be agile and continuously deliver new digital experiences for their customers, partners and employees. In fact, this is the primary reason for which companies choose to leverage the incredibly agile Salesforce platform in the first place. However, in an age of ever increasing regulatory oversight and the mission critical nature of modern CX applications, concern about risk has begun to stifle innovation and the agility required to insure it.

Strongpoint is the World's ONLY solution to provide Automated Technical Documentation, Intelligent Change Enablement and Governance for the low/no code environment of the Salesforce platform. While there are many "Change/Release Management" solutions which attempt to automate the already highly constrained bottle neck of the CI/CD process, the primary goal of Strongpoint is to enable "Safe Innovation at Velocity" on the platform. Fundamental to this concept is the idea that it is a superior strategy to understand the risk associated with change as soon as it is nominated instead of waiting until deep in the process. In fact, to wait until the regression testing phase of the CI/CD pipeline is not only expensive in human costs, it is inefficient in terms of allocation of effort and inherently delays innovation. By contrast, assessing the risk up front allows changes to be quickly cleared and allocated to the most efficient resource or method of deployment and thus, typically bypass the manual CoE and testing processes. This saves significant amounts of time and money. In fact, our research consistently demonstrates that in a typical organization, only an average of 13% and, in some cases, as little as 5% of changes actually require such rigor.

The Discussion is Not about Code vs No Code, it is about Risk vs No Risk

This fact begs the question, "Why send every nominated change through an expensive and rigorous process when only a very few require it?"

The answer of course is that without automated risk assessment, it is very difficult to tell the simple from the complex, so everything must be treated as "high risk" and thus subject to the full scrutiny of the complete risk mitigation process, including assessment, testing and clearance. This process is extremely sophisticated and requires human oversight and expertise expertise. In an environment in which resources are in short supply and demand is high, such a process becomes an extreme bottleneck and inhibits the very agility for which Salesforce has become synonymous.

With all of this in mind, it is still important to remember that to enable Innovation at Velocity with the necessary degree of Safety, there is a fundamental need for organizations to first make certain that:

  1. Their Org is in Order

  2. They can Keep their Org in Order

  3. In many cases, Prove that their Org is in Order

Stongponit is the ONLY Solution available to deliver this through Automation for the Salesforce Platform!