Manage risk continuously

Integrated Risk Matrix

Track risks within NetSuite and tie them to your corresponding controls: segregated roles, blocking controls or monitoring views and alerts. Strongpoint immediately understands the need to apply special protection to your controls ensuring that they remain stable and reliable.

Automated Control Monitoring

Convert simple reports and searches into powerful detective controls in minutes. Strongpoint automatically checks each control and immutably logs any violations for clearance by key finance or operational staff.

Master Data Controls

Customization changes are not the only sources of risk. Changes to master data can radically redefine key metrics, reports or even financial statements. Build thorough, reliable, detective controls in no time with Strongpoint.

Strongpoint is a compliance dream!
— Ben Fuller - LifeWorks

Automated control for financial systems

Financial Object Monitoring

Strongpoint protects key financial objects including accounting lists, segments, accounts, bills of materials, revenue recognition templates, and expense allocation templates. Special protection is applied to controls to ensure financial reporting is reliable.


Consolidated Control Reporting

Reports and views are only as good as the people who look at them. Strongpoint records each time it verifies a control and consolidates all control violations into a single list. Each violation must be cleared ensuring that you can provide evidence of your compliance each and every month.

As we begin to establish data governance and rules around change management, Strongpoint enables us to maintain change policies, and automatically identify whether the changes to our org are compliant with our policies.
— Jake Garris - Industrial Scientific

Every day compliance

True Detective Controls

Convert unprovable email alerts and reminders into true detective controls that automatically and immutably log any violations. Simple setup allows you to specify the data to be captured and even save the full record.

Organizational Alerting

Quickly configure controls to alert the employee responsible for the process without hard-coding names or email addresses. Adapt to organizational change quickly by switching the control assignee in moments instead of manually modifying and therefore having to re-audit key controls.

Control Pre-Clearance

Finance needs change management too. Evidence prior approval of authorized changes to accounts, master data or transactions with financial change requests. Specify who is allowed to make the change, and what is allowed to be changed.  Strongpoint automatically logs and clears the changes as compliant.

Schedules and Triggers

Many controls need to be checked on a weekly or even daily basis to ensure that controls are cleared prior to reporting period. Others need to be acted on immediately to defend against fraud or serious misstatement. Strongpoint supports both trigger-based and scheduled monitoring to ensure your control monitoring system is timely and bullet-proof.

Thorough onboarding & training and well thought out product
— Andrea Poetz - Chegg


Get started

Strongpoint is easy to install. You can have complete documentation of your system in just a few hours or a few days for our very largest customers.  

Every Strongpoint license includes a 30-day evaluation period because the only demo that matters is in your system with your data.