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Transform NetSuite change management from a business bottleneck to a key strength of your organization in just a few hours.

Automated impact analysis, change clearance, and deployment validation helps your team move faster than ever before. Strongpoint checks every single change to NetSuite to ensure proper procedures were followed enabling you to move faster, safely.


Quick, predictable, and right. Every time.

Smart Change Policies

Strongpoint understands what’s risky and what isn’t so you don’t need complex rules. Use our default policies to quickly implement best practices or build your own for specific departments or even for specific objects such as your key SOX reports.

Intelligent Change Requests

It's time-consuming to triage every change request by hand. Strongpoint intelligently evaluates each change request against policies, risk, and impact analysis – automating safe changes and adding alerts for high-risk or non-compliant changes.

Alerts and Notifications

Strongpoint instantly lets you know when non-compliant and high-risk changes are made, helping you track and understand what's happening in your NetSuite account so you can press forward with confidence.

Strongpoint helped our team keep track of all the changes that were happening in our system and understand the impact of those changes.
— Scott Marshall, Business Systems Analyst at Imprivata

Move Quickly But Safely with safer processes, you can move quickly because your teams are always getting expert advice about risks and consequences of changes, giving them time to focus on what matters. Automated Tools save time, improve decision quality and increase team confidence so they can make decisions and complete tasks quickly. When you can get things done, it drives revenue and makes better use of your IT resources.

Break through IT and Dev Bottlenecks by automatically checking and clearing actual or proposed changes. Smart tickets and policies provide instant feedback and advice to support teams or even subject matter experts and 'citizen developers'. All actual changes are logged and either cleared or routed to dev to resolve. Instant impact analysis and release tools save time and stress for dev teams while also laying the groundwork of audit.

Work your way and Strongpoint will work in the backround doing the heavy work of keeping your system safe and secure. Strongpoint integrates with JIRA and other ticketing systems. Changes are detected and reviewed whether they are made manually, via platform APIs or using third party tools.

Plan and execute changes with confidence

Automated Impact Analysis

Instantly see the impact of planned changes and identify objects and processes to be retested at the click of a button. Approvers can assess a change plan in minutes with the confidence that they know where the dangers lie based on easy to understand warnings.

Instant impact analysis helps developers, approvers and admins understand and address the risk of changes

Instant impact analysis helps developers, approvers and admins understand and address the risk of changes

Automated Change Monitoring

Move with confidence knowing that Strongpoint is watching each change and comparing it to set approvals. Management is immediately alerted to any unapproved changes. Strongpoint automatically clears unimportant changes freeing your time to focus on moving forward.


Save Time, Solve Problems with Powerful Environment Comparison

Compare settings, customizations, even lines of code between production, developer, sandbox and release preview environments. Environment comparison is fully integrated into deployment procedures to ensure that your team can quickly identify critical differences.

Compare code in seconds across environments with Strongpoint environment comparison.

Compare code in seconds across environments with Strongpoint environment comparison.


Quickly see which changes were compliant or non-compliant

Approval Routing

Specific changes can be automatically routed for different approval processes, ensuring that the right approvals are obtained without everything going to change committee – helping you operate safer and faster.

Non-Compliant Change Resolution

Strongpoint logs all changes to your customizations, compares them to approved change or deployment records, and highlights non-compliant changes for remediation and clearance.  Each change is explained in plain language to help auditors and managers understand what happened.

Change Lifecycle Reports

The whole lifecycle of every change is laid out in one place. You'll see every change and its change requests, approvals, customizations, and deployment.

It's everything that happened in Salesforce or NetSuite in one place.

Excellence is a Few Hours Away

Strongpoint change management rolls out in just a few hours of setup, validation, and training.  Our team stays with you to help you succeed ensuring you are following best practices and working efficiently.


Get started

Strongpoint is easy to install. You can have complete documentation of your system in just a few hours or a few days for our very largest customers.  

Every Strongpoint license includes a 30-day evaluation period because the only demo that matters is in your system with your data.