Change management,
now with super powers.

When you use Strongpoint’s stress-free change management software with Celigo’s real-time integration between Salesforce and NetSuite, you’ll effectively manage risk across applications by knowing when a change in one system impacts another. You'll operate faster, knowing your changes are reliable and compliant – across your entire cloud ecosystem.

Cloud platforms – like Salesforce and NetSuite – are designed to be easy, simple to use, and adaptable by end users.

Strongpoint+Celigo keeps things simple for users while staying in control of changes that sync across your cloud platforms.

Making changes to fully integrated Sales and NetSuite environments is complex, time consuming, and stressful. When a change in one system breaks the integration, two things can happen: everything (and everyone) stops working, or small errors creep into your data over time. This can result in lost productivity, out-of-compliance changes, and incorrect financial reporting.

When major platforms such as Salesforce and NetSuite are integrated, small changes in one system can have unforeseen impacts in the other. Automated tools help your team operate fast and customize the platform to their needs, while maintaining critical change controls that keep things running reliably and compliant.

With Strongpoint and Celigo, you can see how every field, report, saved query, and more are connected between Salesforce and NetSuite. When a change is made, you can see exactly where it will have an impact.

Plug and play

Instant connections with Celigo

Celigo’s SmartConnector for NetSuite and Salesforce connects your systems with an out-of-the-box integration. Simple to deploy and highly customizable, you’ll be up and running in no time. You can sync data and easily configure the service to complex business processes.

Automated documentation and change management with Strongpoint

Strongpoint takes the tedious work out of complicated documentation and change management by automatically documenting Salesforce and NetSuite every time a change is made. You'll see how fields, scripts, and other workflows are connected – instantly identifying when a compliant change in one system has an unintended effect in the other.


Multi-platform impact analysis, automatically

Prove compliance across applications

From SOX compliance to the new ASC 606 standard, it's more important than ever to ensure that changes made to Salesforce aren't impacting the data integrity of NetSuite.

The worst case scenario for integrations is when a change looks like it's operating correctly, but it's creating silent data integrity problems. With Strongpoint+Celigo, you'll be able to validate when changes are working correctly – dramatically reducing your risk of incorrect reporting.

Operate faster, safely

All of the tedious work for documentation, change validation, and multi-platform impact analysis is put on autopilot.

With a seamless connection between Salesforce and NetSuite, you can respond to business requests faster and more reliably without the risk of breaking critical business processes that rely on shared data between your systems.

Maintain the integrity of your integrations

Ongoing management after your implementation gets complicated – it can be hard to tell how a change in one system will impact another. By using Strongpoint+Celigo, you’ll never have to worry about changes in one system making an unexpected impact.

It’s the stress-free way to manage your connected cloud platforms.


Manage your whole ecosystem

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