Strongpoint Menu Simplification

I Can See Clearly Now...

Log in to your NetSuite account after the 5.6 upgrade and see the new lean and clean menus!

Everything related to Strongpoint starts with the menu. So why not have a menu that shows you what is available and useful to you? With the simplified menu enhancements, you determine what you see, based on your purchased modules and preferences: Documentation and Optimization, Intelligent Change Management or Enterprise.


  • Streamlined: relevant menu items are displayed based on your purchased module. Menu choices for unlicensed modules are automatically hidden for more efficient navigation.

  • Personalized: new configuration settings enable you to easily hide or show additional menu options, resulting in compact, focused menu choices for your role/task.

  • Organized: menus have been cleaned up. Some items have been relocated to menus where they are more commonly used, for example moving the ERD View into the Customizations menu. The huge Change Management menu has been split into Change Management Tools and Change Management Reports.

  • Accurate: clearer naming conventions for the Strongpoint License enables Strongpoint Administrators to clearly see what was purchased and what options are available.


  • A Clear Picture of what is available to you as soon as you log in to your account. All your relevant choices are easily seen and accessed without scrolling through a bunch of choices you neither want or need. Unlicensed module choices are hidden automatically. Choices you do not need can be easily hidden through a simple configuration form.

  • Quickly Find the available menu you are looking for! Clear, concise and relevant menus are far more efficient for navigating to what you need to do, instead of wasting time hunting for the right option.

  • Ease of use helps expert users get their tasks done in record time, and helps new users easily learn the system and their role.