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Without Strongpoint, it would have taken a lot more time to figure out what could safely be deleted and we would have taken a huge risk in breaking an active customization within the system.

Save Time and Money

Stop spending unnecessary project time and dollars remembering what was done to your systems.

Make decisions quickly and confidently without relying on expensive consultants for every change. When you need to use consultants, they'll be able to work faster and with more focus, knowing they are using the best documentation available.



Automatic Documentation of every customization, including fields, forms, scripts, worksflows, searches and roles, and all dependencies.

Every time, there is a change, Strongpoint automatically updates the documentation. Simple, graphical and search-based tools help you team answer questions or solve problems in seconds, not hours or days.


Smart Organization

Strongpoint understands what it's reading so it organizes the most relevant information.

The most important dependencies are highlighted in easy to read reports, finders and in the documentation itself.  If you want to know what scripts (or anything else) are touching a field (or anything else) , you can do it in seconds.  Out system operates quietly and efficiently without interfering with your ongoing operations but is always ready to help.

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See why Strongpoint's automatic documentation, change management and compliance capabilities make it the leading solution for team of all sizes.

An indispensible tool for admins.
— Tom Heideman, Director of IT, Mastergraphics

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