Jira Integration

Using Jira for ticketing and change approval process?

You can now integrate Jira with Strongpoint.

Push change tickets in Jira into a Strongpoint Change Request and manage the changes directly in your system, track compliant changes and avoid manually reconciling change tickets to change logs during audit.


Synchronize jira tickets


Your Jira tickets are tracked as Change Requests in Strongpoint giving your organization a full audit log of all system changes.

Manage Customizations.png

Manage customizations

Improves user productivity by enabling users to easily create and modify NetSuite customizations from your Jira tickets without having to switch to NetSuite. 

Seamless Integration with Jira.png

Seamless Integration with Jira

Strongpoint works within your existing change and approval processes in Jira allowing your users to track and approve compliant changes without having to learn a new system or process.

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