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Get Complete System Documentation Without Lifting a Finger

  • Easily see what could be affected by any given change

  • Save hundreds of hours troubleshooting and researching

  • It’s native to NS and simple to understand

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Flashlight dashboard copy.png

The Flashlight Dashboard keeps you up to date on changes to your org, critical role changes, cleanup opportunities, and so much more

Continuous Documentation

The documentation you have always wanted but never had time to create. Everything. 

Account Cleanup

Easily see searches and other customizations with inactive owners that can be safely archived or deleted. Optimize your system by cleaning up things no longer used or relevant.

User management

Quickly identify employees with inactive logins, risky permissions or unexpected login behavior or who have recently received admin access.

The ERD tool has been very helpful in showing me whether the fields and searches that I want to clean up are actually being used by anything else and whether they’re safe to delete.
— An Phan, Realityworks

Some of our happy customers:

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