Change management and compliance software

Stress-free change management and compliance

For NetSuite and Salesforce


Change management and compliance can be a stress-free process

Today's process doesn't work:

It's incredibly manual – you need people to investigate, document, comply with, and control every change.

It's time consuming – it takes weeks to put together manual documentation that needs to be maintained and reviewed every year.

It's a Big Event – instead of a daily habit, compliance is a big event that only gets attention during your audit.

Strongpoint's SaaS platform takes the time and stress out of this process by automatically doing the heavy lifting for you.


Strongpoint has automated 90% of what we previously needed to do to achieve compliance.
— Brian Keare, Group VP of IT at Nortek


Faster in every possible way


Strongpoint's SaaS platform changes everything. Your team will operate faster – without giving up control – automating the manual work of documentation, change management, and compliance.



Strongpoint is a fully-automatic system. You'll save resources during the year by ensuring your documentation is always up-to-date, while operating at a faster speed by knowing the most effective changes to make.

When it comes time for audit, you'll save up to 90% of your resource costs since all of your compliance reports are embedded directly into Salesforce and NetSuite.


Strongpoint is more reliable – it's always checking for changes and logging violations. Continuous monitoring verifies all data to ensure you know what's happening behind the scenes.

Strongpoint not only detects potential issues, but enables you to report on changes, specify and run controls, clear logged violations, and alert teams when violations are outside of permissions.

Continuous compliance

As standards get higher, Strongpoint automatically checks and protects all of your key financial and IT controls. It controls release processes to ensure your systems, master data, and transactions are safe and well managed. And – most importantly – ensures that you can prove it.


Continuous Audit Suite


Strongpoint's SaaS solution scales with your needs – from continuous documentation and change management, to compliance for IT & Finance.


Continuous Documentation

Strongpoint documents everything – no more manual processes! Make better decisions quickly and keep your systems clean and optimized. Whether you need compliance or just want to sleep better at night, Strongpoint can take you there automatically.

Continuous Change Management

We automate the hard, slow parts of change management to make sure everything is done predictably and correctly every time. Instantaneous risk analysis, impact analysis, change clearance, approvals, release workflows, and testing.

Continuous Compliance

As standards get higher, Strongpoint automates all key financial and IT controls with release processes to ensure your systems are safe and well managed. And – more importantly – that you can prove it.


Change is good

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