We're excited to help you with your NetSuite Documentation! 

All you need to do now is install Flashlight™.   Watch the video below to see where to go to SuiteApp to find  Flashlight™ and how to get up and running!

How to install Flashlight™ by Strongpoint

Bundle Installation Procedure  

Purpose:  Currently, there is a NetSuite issue, where bundles pushed from the repository seem to be failing regularly.  A work around has been identified to reduce the risk of bundle install failures. 


1) Go to Customizations>Suite Bundler>Search & Install Bundles

2) Click on the “Advanced” link

3) In the Keywords field, enter “234186”

4) In the “Location” field select “Production Account”

5) In the Account ID field that appears enter “TSTDRV1267182”.  This will ensure that the installation is sourced from our account directly. See diagram below

6) Click the “Search” button


7) Click Flashlight by Strongpoint

8) Continue the install as you normally would.


Once Flashlight™ is installed, watch this tutorial video on how to get your NetSuite system documented.  

See how it works


Other questions: 

Check out our FAQ page to learn more! 


Use the User Guide, which can be accessed from Flashlight in NetSuite after you have installed the SuiteApp. 


For further questions, please reach out to us through this Contact Us form: