Welcome to Flashlight!  We are excited to help you get the most out of this great tool for documenting and managing your NetSuite account.  

How do I install Flashlight?

Flashlight is easy to install and configure. 

  1. Login to NetSuite as an Admin

  2. Go to Customization>SuiteBundler>Search & Install Bundles

  3. Search for Flashlight

  4. Click on Flashlight by Strongpoint

  5. Select Install - this will install the bundle. Our team will provide you with set up instructions.

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What role do I need to use Flashlight? 

Flashlight requires an Administrator role to install and trigger the documentation spider but you can access it from any classic center role (eg Full Access)

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Will Flashlight impact other NetSuite processes or slow down my system?  

Flashlight is built using the same engine as the Strongpoint core products, which have been installed and working in over 200 accounts. It has been engineered to have minimal impact on your account's processing capacity.  The first time you spider your account takes the most processing.  Updates thereafter typically require minimal processing capacity.  The bulk of the initial script based processing occurs in the first two days, so if you have script thread capacity concerns, you can trigger the spider on a Friday evening or Saturday morning and that part will be complete by Monday for all but the largest accounts.  Workflows complete the rest of the work so there is little impact on your scheduled script capacity.  If you have SuiteCloud Plus with multiple threads, Flashlight will automatically review the priorities and configure itself to  minimize the impact to your account.  

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Is Flashlight Built for NetSuite (BFN) Approved? 

Yes, Flashlight has passed the application review with NetSuite and received the BFN Native SuiteApp approval .  The BFN process also ensures that Flashlight is tested with and compatible with every major NetSuite release.

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Can I install Flashlight in the Sandbox?   

Your license covers one NetSuite instance.  It will not be accurate in your sandbox unless specifically licensed for the sandbox.  If you require documentation of sandbox accounts we recommend our Strongpoint Documentation and Optimization product which includes installation in an additional sandbox.   Our Strongpoint Intelligent Change Management product includes additional tools for companies trying to maintain multiple sandbox accounts.

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What If I Want More Than One Person to Have Access?

You can get additional user licences for Flashlight for $299/month each. If you want more than one person to have access to documentation and change management in NetSuite, ask us about our enterprise product suite.

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Is Flashlight Available in Release Preview Accounts? 

If Flashlight was installed in your Production Account before your Release Preview Account was created, Flashlight will function in your Release Preview account. You can respider your Release Preview account to identify differences between production and the release preview.  There are more advanced tools for comparing environments in our Strongpoint Intelligent Change Management product.

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Is our private data being transmitted or shared in any way? 

Flashlight is completely contained within NetSuite. It utilizes the platform’s custom records and APIs to create and manage documentation. None of your data leaves the system at anytime, ensuring compliance with data security requirements for critical system and process data. The only data sent to Strongpoint are summary metadata describing the use and performance of our engine. All Flashlight code and key tools are locked to ensure consistent processes within the Flashlight application. Access to records can be restricted by role or user using standard NetSuite access controls. 

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Can Flashlight impact our data or financial information? 

Flashlight does not have any scripting or workflows that interact with your NetSuite data.  It adds no scripting to any of your records or any standard NetSuite records.

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Join our LinkedIn User Group! 

Visit this link and join the Flashlight by Strongpoint LinkedIn User group.  Share ideas and ask questions amongst other Flashlight users! 

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