How much more could you get done with perfect system documentation?

Flashlight is the tool for small teams in fast-growing companies that want automated NetSuite documentation!

Only $299/mo

  • Know what's happening with your systems so changes don't break any customizations, scripts or workflows.

  • Discover potential issues before they become problems.

  • Easy to install and understand, and based on the award-winning  Strongpoint documentation engine.


Some of our happy customers:

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Flashlight Makes You More Productive (and less stressed!)



Visually see what could be affected by any given change so nothing is broken. Save hundreds of hours troubleshooting and managing your system. All the heavy lifting is done by Flashlight™. It’s automatic and easy to understand.

Admin Dashboard

Flashlight keeps you up to date with changes and points out departures from best practices, potential risks, and opportunities for improvement.

The ERD tool has been very helpful in showing me whether the fields and searches that I want to clean up are actually being used by anything else and whether they’re safe to delete.
— An Phan, Realityworks

Continuous Documentation

The documentation you have always wanted but never had time to create. Everything. 

Account Cleanup

Easily see searches and other customizations with inactive owners that can be safely archived or deleted. Optimize your system by cleaning up things no longer used or relevant.

User management

Quickly identify employees with inactive logins, risky permissions or unexpected login behavior or who have recently received admin access.

Easy to Install & Use

Try Flashpoint out FOR FREE for 14 days!  Quickly document your NetSuite system and see how Flashpoint delivers value.  You can keep Flashlight for only $299/mo. Unsubscribe any time - but why would you!    

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Once you install Flashlight™ from SuiteApp, run the app and your entire NetSuite account will be documented in hours. Our team will walk you through the steps in minutes.


Documentation & Optimization

Strongpoint documents everything automatically - no more guesswork and tribal knowledge. Make better decisions quickly and keep your systems clean and optimized. Whether you need compliance or simply want to sleep better at night, Strongpoint delivers. Learn more.

DevOps and Change Management

We automate the difficult, slow parts of change management to make sure everything is done predictably and correctly every time.  Instantaneous risk analysis, impact analysis, change clearance, approvals, release workflows and testing unleash your team to drive forward - safely. Learn more.

Continuous Audit and Compliance

Always be ready for audit with continuous audit and segregation of duties tools from Strongpoint.  Eliminate up to 90% of audit prep work using automated tools to replace manual data preparation.  Auditor dashboards simplify and organize audits for maximum efficiency. Learn more.