Is lack of NetSuite documentation slowing you down?

Strongpoint automatically documents your NetSuite account enabling you to make decisions quickly and safely.

If your business was simple enough to run from memory, you wouldn’t need NetSuite.  Everyone knows that they should have complete documentation to help their team make decisions more quickly and avoid mistakes. But until Strongpoint, nobody ever had it.  Now you can.

Strongpoint automatically identifies the customizations in your account as well as critical settings, user roles and other configurations - and all the dependencies between them.  So now you can answer the question: “If I change this, what will break?”

Fully document your system in just a few hours with Strongpoint.

Automatic documentations for Salesforce and NetSuite

Every customization in NetSuite is rapidly & efficiently documented making the whole account easy to understand


Install Strongpoint on NetSuite or Salesforce and it automatically scans your system for all customizations and critical settings. Documentation is created instantly, automatically, linking all of your critical customizations and putting the most important information at your fingertips.


The best documentation that any system has had. Ever.

Documentation as Data

Instead of scattered, outdated Word Documents that don't talk to each other, Strongpoint documentation lives inside your NetSuite. All of your objects, object relationships, and process documentation, everything lives in one place – as data. This means it's easy to apply rules, verify changes, and drill-down into various connections.

Continuous System Documentation

Every time a change is made to your NetSuite, Strongpoint creates a log of what happened, including which object was changed, when it was last used, and more.

Instead of documentation that says what NetSuite is supposed to be, you'll have documentation of what Netsuite actually is. Right now.


Continuous System Scanning

Your documentation is complete and up-to-date. Strongpoint uses a spider that automatically scans every part of your NetSuite: custom objects, scripts, workflows, saved searches, reports. Everything.

You'll never miss a thing.

Without Strongpoint it would have taken a lot more time to figure out what could safely be deleted and we would have taken a huge risk in breaking an active customization within the system.
— Jennifer Trejo, Netsuite Administrator at Feeney


Move quickly and safely knowing the interdependencies between customizations plus you can clean and optimize your NetSuite with the Strongpoint clean up tools.



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