Feeney makes change easy with strongpoint

A leading manufacturer of stainless steel cables and aluminum railing systems, Feeny had a significant Netsuite environment cleanup.


Feeney, Inc. had a significant number of custom objects in their account that were not being used.

It was difficult for the team to quickly understand what objects were not being used and if they were safe to delete

With Strongpoint, the Feeney team was able to sort objects by date last used and quickly identify impacted customizations. They were able to use the following Strongpoint capabilities for their clean-up projects:

  • Unused Fields Tools
  • Unused Searches
  • Unused Scripts
  • Unused Bundles
  • Customization Impact Analysis 

About Feeny

  • A leading manufacturer of high quality stainless steel cables and aluminum railing systems
  • Privately held
  • Industry: Building materials
  • HQ: Oakland, CA


  • Netsuite

Products used

  • Continuous documentation



Without Strongpoint it would have been very difficult to identify which customizations we should and could safely delete. It would have taken a lot more time to figure out what could safely be deleted and we would have taken a huge risk in breaking an active customization within the system.
— Jennifer Trejo, Netsuite Administrator at Feeny Inc.


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