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Hate worrying about breaking NetSuite when making changes?

Automated documentation from Flashlight will make you more productive and less stressed.

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Automatically document your whole account


Spot problems before they happen with our Admin dashboard

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Troubleshoot issues in seconds


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Get Complete System Documentation Without Lifting a Finger

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• Easily see what could be affected by any given change

• Save hundreds of hours troubleshooting and researching

• It’s native to NS and simple to understand

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The Flashlight Dashboard keeps you up to date on changes to your org, critical role changes, cleanup opportunities, and so much more


Hear what our users have to say

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Flashlight is very useful to being able to quickly see where a script is being used and how different objects are connected before I change anything.

- David Jarrell, Corkcicle

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This tool came recommended to me during a Netsuite SuiteReview. It's been particularly useful in determining the impact of bundle uninstalls and, also in identifying inter-dependencies within our account. I'd highly recommend it to any Netsuite Administrator who has inherited a lot of customization that needs cleaning up.

- Rachel Merrill, Serena and Lily, Inc.

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The documentations and tools have been very useful. The product have saved us valuable time. We've been using it for about 2 months and so far we're very happy with it.

- Chhun Thy, CIEE

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Flashlight has helped me in so many ways! If you are a Netsuite admin, this is a must have tool!

- Michael Thiele, Jeske Company

Flashlight offers much insight into any and all of your customizations. What happens if I touch this field? Will I break a workflow? a script? Where does this field reside? What records? What searches? etc. It provides a plethora of information. A bonus is that you can also search to see where SQL formulas reside. For example, you know you created a formula and would like to use it, but forget where it is. Flashlight will find it for you!

I just started using this product. But, I am sure that the deeper I get there, will be no way that I could ever go without it!

- Nina O’Hara, Galaxy Gaming, Inc.

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The ERD tool has been very helpful in showing me whether fields and searches I want to cleanup are actually being used by anything else and safe to delete.

- An Phan, Realityworks

During the trial of Flashlight, I had a requirement to update all the help on a form in NetSuite...both where it was missing and updating what was there. Flashlight helped me quickly identify those fields with no help and link me directly to make the updates. This alone prompted me to request my company to invest in the full upgrade to Strongpoint.

- Stephnie Vecht-Wolf, Cint

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Very easy to install with minimal effort. We've been using it for about a week or so and my first impression is that this will be very helpful. The dashboard has a good summary of your NS account health with tools readily accessible.

- Chhun Thy, CIEE

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Installing Flashlight has been one of the best things I've done as an admin. We have only been using NetSuite for about 2 years, but we already have a number of customizations in our environment. What led me to want to use the product was a third party approval script we had written for us that all of a sudden stopped working as intended. Flashlight allowed me to diagnose what features the script was affecting so that I could safely undeploy it without adversely affecting the system. In addition, the Spider alerted me to customizations and features that were lacking important information that I needed to address. It has allowed me to clean up our environment in ways I never would have thought of. I would recommend this product to anyone with NetSuite.

- Joshua Prugar, United States Golf Association (USGA)

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We currently use flashlight. We are still learning and growing with the product. So far, it has been extremely useful as we are new to Netsuite and this allows viability to areas we are not familiar with in Netsuite as new users and admins.

- Tim May, Bay Power

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The flashlight tool has become vital to our administrative process within Netsuite, particularly in identifying effects of field changes beyond delete/inactive dependencies. We all know how quickly Netsuite becomes over-customized, and this saves hour upon hour of research to find the scripts, workflows, etc. that a seemingly innocent field change will impact. Also, IDs missing help texts and bad custom field IDs, which are an absolute must when you've had multiple admins in your environment over time.

- Matt Oak, True Brands