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Strongpoint is a compliance dream
— ben fuller, lifeworks

A better way to let auditors review your data

Internal auditors and controllers teams user conslidated views of control violations across the account to ensure financial systems integrity are maintained on an ongoing basis. External audit teams receive read-only access to most fields but can make and export their audit notes to Excel for inclusion in GRC systems.



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Strongpoint is designed for audit

We deliver complete tracability fo all changes, approvals, and policies. Restricted audit interfaces manage auditor access to system data while supporting sampling or detailed review. Pre-audit by Strongpoint's automated tools dramatically reduce the scope of review and the cost of preparation for and completion of the audit.


Safe, compliant, well-managed

Like you Strongpoint understands what it's reading so it organizes the most relevant information.

Strongpoint makes it easy to see changes within its lifecycle, manage current and future releases, and track upcoming deployments. We automatically report on permission changes in NetSuite and Salesforce, and validate them against records. And we provide tools to define changes, perform impact analysis, and route changes for appropriate approvals.

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See why Strongpoint's automatic documentation, change management and compliance capabilities make it the leading solution for team of all sizes.

An indispensible tool for admins.
— Tom Heideman, Director of IT, Mastergraphics

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