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We needed to demonstrate we had effective IT General Controls. Without Strongpoint our auditors would likely have had to spend 3x as many hours manually going over those controls. That’s a real cost we’d have had to expend year after year.

Know about the deficiencies in your practice and be prepared to respond.

Built-in resolution processes ensure that non-compliant change violations or control violations are reviewed regularly. Automated review ensures most changes are automatically cleared but that clearance is documented and traceable for review during audit.


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Simple and powerful controls 

Strongpoint makes it easy to monitor changes to master data, configuration tables and transactions, and alert key process owners of violations. Block unsafe changes simply without adding workflows or other customization. Consolidate and clear control violations or pre-approve changes quickly and easily.



Proof of compliance is automatic

With IT control dashboards, automated compliance reporting, organizational risk management and integration mapping, you have unprecedented access to details information about your changes, the state of your systems, and your readiness for audit. Strongpoint automatically tracks whether changes are compliant or non-compliant.



See why Strongpoint's automatic documentation, change management and compliance capabilities make it the leading solution for team of all sizes.

An indispensible tool for admins.
— Tom Heideman, Director of IT, Mastergraphics

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