Is a cluttered NetSuite account killing your team's productivity

Over-customization, old saved searches and customizations cause uncertainty, rework and DevOps and compliance delays.  Clean them up safely and quickly with Strongpoint.

Many NetSuite accounts are littered with objects, fields, layouts and even scripts and workflows that were a good idea in the past (and perhaps only briefly) but are no longer useful.  These extra customizations quickly accumulate and have direct operational, support and training costs.  Simplifying your account with Strongpoint clean up tools can have many significant and instant benefits for end users but what about your Dev and Admin teams?

Clean-up is vital to efficient NetSuite DevOps.  Without it, developer and admin teams must consider and run to ground the impact of changes on reports and customizations that may no longer be needed.  The result is delay and inefficiency.   Admins are flooded with repeated requests to change or recreate the same field or search.  End-users lose faith in the efficiency of the platform as they struggle to find answers to their questions.  But there can be a more direct impact as well: Admins and dev's may be faced with an unmanageable problem analyzing new changes.

Imagine a simple question:  Can I change this field or list value?  In a well-managed account, an Admin may need to check in a number of places (and Strongpoint or Flashlight documentation may be a big help).  But what do you do if it is used in 30, 50 or 100 searches, fields and other customizations - many of which are not in use?  Regularly pruning your fields, saved searches and unused scripts, workflows and other customizations can not only make it easier to answer change-related questions; it also helps everyone be more confident about risk analysis keeping the company moving forward.

Other benefits to clean up may not be immediately obvious:

  • Unused fields not only waste database size (and therefore money and speed) but also slow the rendering of forms and pages.
  • Unused fields also are signs of processes that may no longer be in use - which can point the way to scripts, workflows, mass updates and other automation that is no longer required.
  • Unused searches make it difficult to find the correct source of data but also clog up the general search results
  • Poorly configured scriptids can easily be fixed if caught in time but become a mess quite quickly once they are used in SQL, filters or code.
  • Old code can still be 'in use' but doing nothing useful other than slowing down pages or wasting server resources

At Strongpoint, we see many NetSuite accounts that are overwhelmed with old searches.  Users were creating searches, losing track of them, recreating them and on and on.  This situation can rapidly spiral out of control making the account increasingly confusing for the users and, ominously, the auditors.  In other accounts, we find hundreds of custom fields, many of whom were never adopted or were parts of processes that were abandoned as the company grew. 

There are a wide range of types of extra or unused objects that Admins should be paying attention to on a regular basis, including:

  • Unused fields and objects
  • Unused Saved Searches
  • Searches and other customizations created by former employees
  • Scripting and Workflows running against unused fields
  • Searches unnecessarily showing empty fields
  • Fields set to include in search by default
  • Fields with bad scriptids (eg custentity7) and which of those are used in scripts or SQL
  • Fields with no help which will cause confusion, adoption delays and potential mistakes by staff
  • Customizations with no description so it's hard to know what they are for

In order to untangle these problems you need to know

  • When each customization was last used - this can be tricky because the date would be calculated differently for different types of object
  • When each customization (field, search, script etc) last changed
  • Who is (or was) using fields and other customizations in the past
  • Whether the system is using those fields

Strongpoint automatically flags the unused searches and customizations as well as other unused, improperly configured or suspect customizations to help you clean them up.  We also have the tools to track and clear large numbers of objects for clean-up and a complete backup of each customization in case you need to put it back.   Our account clean-up tools simplify account management to show you each of these problems and help you resolve them.

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