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Strongpoint sits on top of Salesforce or Netsuite and tracks how your team is using it. 

By doing so it can provide you with status reports, ongoing changes and audit documents in under 5 hours.


Documentation & Optimization

Strongpoint documents everything automatically - no more guesswork and tribal knowledge. Make better decisions quickly and keep your systems clean and optimized. Whether you need compliance or simply want to sleep better at night, Strongpoint delivers.

DevOps and Change Management

We automate the difficult, slow parts of change management to make sure everything is done predictably and correctly every time.  Instantaneous risk analysis, impact analysis, change clearance, approvals, release workflows and testing unleash your team to drive forward - safely.

Continuous Audit and Compliance

Always be ready for audit with continuous audit and segregation of duties tools from Strongpoint.  Eliminate up to 90% of audit prep work using automated tools to replace manual data preparation.  Auditor dashboards simplify and organize audits for maximum efficiency.


Automatic Documentation

Change Management

Master Data Controls


Some of the great companies using Strongpoint.

Strongpoint helped our team keep track of all the changes happening in our system and understand the impact of those changes.
— Scott Marshall, Business Systems Analyst, Imprivata


For all our clients, great documentation is a barrier to efficiency and compliance. So, it is the first thing on our list. Our automated documentation is completed in a few hours to a few days but it only takes a an hour of your time.


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Most of the changes in your account aren’t risky.  But how do you make sure you don’t miss the ones that are? Strongpoint keeps you in the know without overwhelming you with detail.  Strongpoint monitors all the changes in your system and identifies which changes are risky and need to be reviewed by your dev and admin teams.  



Defend (while accelerating)

The overall objective for IT processes is getting as much done with the lowest risk. The defend stage is about speed and automation. Ideally, every change or potential change is checked for risk BEFORE it occurs.  Each of the key steps so everyone gets the answers they need.


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Audit and Data Protection

Strongpoint was built from the ground up for Audit but goes well beyond common audit tools to actually reduce work. Many of our customers reduce the cost of preparation for audit by 90%, while moving two to three times faster. Strongpoint monitors every change to customizations or master data and transactions, and checks if a change was approved by a policy or specific approval.  Integrated Segregation of Duties and continuous audit keep your data safe and reliable.


Strongpoint has automated 90% of what we previously needed to do to achieve compliance.
— Brian Keare, Group VP of IT at Nortek

Change is good

Strongpoint is easy to install. You can roll out the core of the system in just a few hours of your time.  

Every Strongpoint license includes a 30-day acceptance period: the only demo that matters is in your system with your data.

Request your demo of Strongpoint's documentation, change management and compliance  solutions.