Use Case: Can I delete this field?

NetSuite Accounts can become overloaded with unused customization such as fields.  These extra customizations can have performance impact both from a system and from an end user perspective.  A cluttered account is more difficult to use, maintain and change. However, cleaning up unused customizations can be very difficult since it is hard to determine if something has not been used and if deleting it would cause something else, like a search or script to break.  Finding all the dependencies of  a customization is critical to avoiding mistakes that can prevent your system from working properly.

Our customers have been using FLODocs's automatic customization documentation and pre-built searches to quickly and systematically understand their account.  FLODocs automatically documents and maintains customization data such as:

  • Date of last use:  Depending on the customization type the date of last use will determine when the customization was last used.  As an example for fields, the last of date use is the date it was last updated if it leaves system notes behind.  For other fields, it is the date of creation of the last record that has that field populated in it.
  • Dependencies:  FLODocs will identify when that customization is used in Searches/ Mass Update, Scripts, Workflows or in Integration Processes with other systems.

This critical information, along with other data available in FLODocs enables you to quickly remove unused customizations, while greatly reducing the risk of breaking your system.

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