Webinar Recording - SOX Compliance at the Speed of NetSuite

Click here for the video recording of our webinar from March 31, 2015 (it starts about 1 minute into the webinar) Click on FLODocs Compliance Webinar Slides to download the slides

About the Webinar

Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory compliance programs are based upon the concept of verifiably reliable systems  There are two main type of IT controls that Finance and IT will need to meet in order to demonstrate reliable systems:

  • IT Governance Controls – the rules that govern changes to the IT systems underlying the financials.  An example, is a requirement that all changes to the system follow a defined release process prior to implementation.
  • IT Application Controls – monitor the access and usage of the application.  An example is a restriction on who can approve a transaction that ensures staff cannot approve their own orders.

FLODocs, the leading automated documentation system for NetSuite, provides the systematic change management, tracking, reporting and control capabilities required to enable  alignment to regulatory requirements.  FLODocs documentation and analytical tools are completely unified with NetSuite to support compliance in multiple levels, which includes:

  • Automated Documentation of Customizations
  • Automated Change Detection and Logging
  • Automated Impact Analysis
  • Change Requests, Process Issues and Release Testing
  • Integrated Process Documentation and Control Mapping