NetSuite Optimization 1 of 3 - Clean Up

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This is the first of a three part webinar to show you how FLODocs can help systematically clean up and organize your account:

• Automatically identify unused fields, searches, forms and other customizations. • Quickly assign status to unused customizations to organize your work. • Perform impact analysis to ensure it is safe to clean up each customization • Use email templates enable you to contact stakeholders to provide feedback. Documented communicationprovides a trail to demonstrate that proper change procedures were followed. • Hide, archive and delete customizations as required and track the entire process. FLODocs™ keeps a record of deleted customizations for future reference. • Clean up customizations with default scriptids to save development time and money

The other webinars in this series are: • NetSuite Optimization 2 of 3 – Script Analysis • NetSuite Optimization 3 of 3 – Process Optimization