NetSuite Clean-Up: Four Key Things to Look For

NetSuite is incredibly easy to customize. However, over time, customizations that used to add value can start to weigh your system down and can become complicated. Actively reviewing your account and cleaning up what isn’t needed on a regular basis can significantly reduce problems.

What key clean up and review activities should be completed?

There are many things that can be done to reduce problems and allow for a more effective and efficient NetSuite experience. The following are four key things you should do and look for. It also explains how implementing FLODocs can effortlessly help you review and clean up your account.

Unused Fields and Records

These fields and records complicate interfaces and future projects while slowing down accounts. Be sure to document what you are using for each process.

FLODocs can search for fields that are no longer in use and identify the dependencies that may need to be cleaned up. It can also provide tools to backup data when you delete unused objects.

Unused FieldsUnused Searches

These searches raise multiple versions of the truth and can further slowdown operational teams as they recreate and re-validate different views. Regularly purging searches that are no longer in use keeps the account clean and easy to understand.

FLODocs has tools to archive the definitions of each search, while deleting unneeded searches in bulk, provided there are no dependent scripts or workflows.

Unused SearchesBad Practices

Bad practices can be resolved by setting up a process for reviewing new changes to ensure that they comply to best practices (i.e. good script IDs, help messages, descriptions, and current owners). These searches are standard in FLODocs, but can also be performed manually.

Bad Practices - Custom IDsProcess Changes

Processes should be tracked as the system changes. Updating work instructions and process documentation as the system changes is key to long term success. This is simplified in FLODocs using integrated process records so you can search for processes that have not been updated since the last customization change.

Process Changes If you would like to learn more about effective ways to review and clean up your account in NetSuite using FLODocs, please contact us at