FLODocs’ Latest Tool for NetSuite: FLOAgent

Made up of efficient and effective automated documentation tools, FLODocs is successfully helping NetSuite users support documentation and manage change instantly. Now, FLODocs has yet again created another valuable tool called FLOAgent. This new and innovative tool enables finance and operations teams to effortlessly and quickly automate the monitoring of their processes and financial controls with ease. It’s simple to set up and can be done without any scripting or workflows.

What key monitoring steps can FLOAgent automate?

FLOAgent can automate steps in several ways, including:

  • Check for process problems hourly without user event scripts
  • Automatically generate and assign tasks, cases or FLODocs process issues for each detected problem.
  • Automatically alert key stakeholders
  • Log control violations for clearance
  • Store relevant data as csv to create a snapshot for compliance or troubleshooting purposes
  • Block unauthorized changes to critical records and fields (requires FLODocs Advanced Change Management)

Can FLOAgent monitor and manage the creation or change of key records and critical settings?

Yes, by implementing the FLOAgent tool, users can monitor and closely manage key records and critical settings.

Some examples include the creation or change of:

  • Accounts
  • Departments
  • Items, Item Accounts, and BOM
  • Classes
  • Locations
  • Subsidiaries
  • Vendors
  • Tax Codes and Groups
  • Recognition and Amortization Templates
  • Landed Cost Settings

How can FLOAgent assist with critical transaction events?

In many cases, FLOAgent can remedy and block critical changes to financially relevant fields, records, and settings.

Some of the critical transaction events that FLOAgent can help with are:

  • Administrator created transactions
  • Self-approved transactions (estimates, journal entries, vendor payments etc.)
  • Transaction modifications out of period
  • Incomplete or improperly completed records
  • Any other searchable transaction events

FLODocs’ latest tool FLOAgent, quickly automates the monitoring of processes and financial controls in NetSuite, saving time and improving process accuracy and financial controls reliability. For more information or if you are interested in giving FLOAgent a try, contact us at info@flodocs.com.