FLODocs is now Strongpoint


Our new name – Strongpoint – represents our future as a company.

To the military, the strongpoint is a key point in the defensive line – it acts as an anchor for the overall defensive position. That’s what we aim to do for your company – be the solid anchor running documentation, change management, and compliance activities safely and securely. Every day hundreds of companies use our software to get more done more safely and more quickly than ever before.


FLODocs is now Strongpoint

FLODocs is now Strongpoint

We’ve changed

FLODocs started as an online documentation and process solution for NetSuite users. At that time the name made sense. Since then we’ve added many new capabilities:

  • Automated change management

  • System clean-up and optimization

  • Automated change reconciliation and clearance

  • Automated risk and impact analysis

  • Compliance reporting

  • Financial controls

  • Salesforce integration

We’re now a full continuous audit suite for IT and aim to bring a full spectrum of continuous audit tools to NetSuite and Salesforce.com customers. 

The way companies currently handle change management and compliance is incredibly time consuming and manual. The current process is slow and stressful – Strongpoint’s SaaS platform speeds the process up and eliminates stress by automatically taking care of the heavy lifting for you.

Strongpoint dashboards keep you ready for audit with up to the minute information

Strongpoint dashboards keep you ready for audit with up to the minute information

Change is constant

“Strongpoint has automated 90% of what we previously needed to do to achieve compliance.”

As a company we are continuing to evolve, but our core values surrounding continuous change, strong processes, and authenticity remain constant.

Change is good

Since the beginning, we’ve worked tirelessly to improve our product for our customers,  and this rebrand is another step in the right direction. As our vision has evolved, and our customer base has grown, we continue to push the boundaries of what we are capable of.

Same company, same team, on an exciting new mission – with a new name: Strongpoint.

If you purchased FLODocs, welcome to Strongpoint.  If you have yet to become a customer, we look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve stress-free, fast, compliant management of your NetSuite or Salesforce.com account.

Interested in being one of the very first to have a Strongpoint demo? 

Mark Walker