FLO Partners Announces FLODocs Beta 1.3 Release

FLO Partners is happy to announce the release of version 1.3 of FLODocs the leading documentation and customization management tool for NetSuite. . It includes some substantial improvements to both the customization spider and the process documentation system. DISASTER RECOVERY:

One of the key values of documentation with FLODocs is the ability to recover from a problem. Imagine that you come into work to complaints a broken process, script or search. It was working yesterday but it's broken today. What changed? How can we get back to the way it used to be? We are working hard on this problem to make your accounts more stable and sustainable with the following features:

- Script Archiving: Our nightly spider now checks the script files and library files for each script record each night. If there has been a change, it can be configured to archive a copy of the old code which is attached to the FLODocs documentation for that script. Ask us about enabling this in your account.

- Search Archiving: Coming soon - we are planning the same system for searches. It will store the old settings on a search as notes attached to the FLODocs documentation for that search.

- All Changes: FLODocs makes it easy to search for any customization that has been updated or changed provided that the change has been respidered recently. Scripts are checked each night. As mentioned above, we are expanding this to cover searches as well. We are about to release a scheduled spidering process that will extend this change tracking to all custom fields, forms and records within NetSuite.


FLODocs is designed to make it easy to build NetSuite documentation without being an expert in process design or using complicated general purpose tools like Visio or PowerPoint. FLODocs Process Assistant walks staff through the steps of documenting a process and builds the first draft of the process automatically. Staff can then specify customizations that apply to the process or define new customizations that are needed but have not yet been built.

As many of you have seen, the Process Assistant is the quickest and easiest way to build integrated process documentation. To make this even simpler, we have added the following improvements:

- Expandable Swim Lane Diagrams - The swim lane diagrams expand automatically as needed to accommodate new swim lanes and steps. They can also be expanded manually to provide additional work space.

- Scalable Prints: FLODocs has a print mode that provides a summary of the process and its steps, the people involved and the related customizations and work instructions. This is ideal for taking to a meeting or distributing during training. FLODocs automatically resizes the diagram for printing / view only purposes so that it fits on a single sheet of paper.

- Editing Processes: Process documents can be edited from the swim lane diagram or the Process Assistant. All changes automatically synch including, where required the order of the swim lanes and the position of process steps in each lane or across lanes. We have improved the ability to insert steps within a process.

- File attachments - Now you can quickly append your existing documentation to your process records in FLODocs.


Date of Last Use: We have enhanced the spider's ability to calculate the date of last use for custom fields. There are two separate scripts that analyze the last date of use:

- The first runs every day and examines all changes to records made that day. - The second runs periodically and looks historically for use dates up to a year ago for fields that appear to be dormant.

If the spider cannot find a date of last use within the last year, it sets the date of last use to be December 31, 1969 to signal that the field is unused. This simplifies searches for unused fields since every field has a date of last use.

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