Announcing FLODocs Salesforce and Multi-System Modules

We are very excited to announce two new modules for FLODocs that extend our ability to help customers manage change across their whole cloud infrastructure:

  1. FLODocs Salesforce Module
  2. FLODocs Multi-System Module

We are happy to announce that our most requested feature to support Salesforce is available right now. FLODocs Salesforce Module extends all of the FLODocs core features that customers know and value in FLODocs for NetSuite to all Salesforce objects including:

  • Automated Documentation
  • Change Tracking and Clearance
  • Change Policies
  • Clean-Up
  • Impact Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Process Documentation and Mapping

The only FLODocs feature that is not yet supported for Salesforce is environment comparison, which will be available later this year with the release of a native version of FLODocs for Salesforce.

A critical part of impact analysis is understanding the effects on or between NetSuite and any other external systems, such as Salesforce, OpenAir, or internal production systems. FLODocs Multi-System Module enables anyone to quickly document and map dependencies between systems, such as the processes or tools that are used to perform the integration and other critical data. Beyond seeing the impact of planned changes in NetSuite, you can also see changes made to other systems.

In time, we will be working to improve change detection in the most popular systems beyond NetSuite and Salesforce. FLODocs Salesforce Module, priced from $3600 - $8000 per year, and FLODocs Multi-System Module, priced from $2000 - $4000 per year, are currently available in beta. Customers who purchase a license will get an extended 60 day evaluation period at the start of their license. Contact us at for more information.