Create simple rules and clean up NetSuite — quickly, safely and automatically

It’s not just about understanding what’s in your system. It’s about understanding how you can effectively change things quickly, to keep up with the pace of business.

Our most recent webinar took a close look at some of Strongpoint’s many native cleanup tools for NetSuite. You can watch the full presentation here, or preview the below clip, which covers our automatic saved search function:

Most of the time, people have some naming conventions when it comes to their searches in the system. And Strongpoint is going to give you the opportunity to use the wild card and find all the searches using their naming convention.
As you get more and more comfortable, you’ll be able to include the cleanup of private searches of your users. And the more private searches that you get rid of, the better your system is going to be.

Automatic saved search cleanup is available on our Documentation and Optimization, Intelligent Change Management and Enterprise Compliance products. Explore our full selection of native NetSuite solutions here, or get in touch to arrange a call with one of our team members:

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Tim Welsh